K.A.R.D’s Matthew Said To Have The Best Body in K-Pop

Despite being in a co-ed group with successful, upbeat releases in its pre-debut stages, K.A.R.D’s Matthew is making himself known for something other than music.

K.A.R.D debuted with Oh NaNa  in December, becoming an immediate success as their song reached one million views in only three days. They’ve received massive attention due to being a co-ed group and impressed millions of people with their catchy music and fun choreography, and they continued their success with their second release, Don’t Recall. However, male member B.M. (“Big Matthew”) has caught the eye of many people for having body proportions that are typically unseen in the Kpop industry:

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One comment reads: “Oh na na; this is what we need in the industry.”


Of course, B.M. is also widely known for his supreme dance ability; look at him bust those moves.

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Big indeed, B.M; pump that iron.


Get ready to be reeled in by K.A.R.D’s Matthew.

Check out one of B.M.’s full solo dance practices: