Kai Addresses The Change In His Friendship With Taemin After Joining SuperM

No matter what, Kai and Taemin’s friendship stays strong.

In an interview with The Ringer, SuperM‘s Kai and Taemin addressed the question of whether or not they’d learned anything new about each other since joining the same group.


Having known each other long before they both debuted, Kai claimed they knew everything about each other, to which Taemin agreed. He did, however, notice something different about their friendship.

But if I had to add something…we’ve been friends for such a long time, but we’ve never worked together as artists.

Since they’d always known each other as artists separate from each other and rarely crossed over, Kai noticed a change in the way they communicate because they’re now part of the same team.

We’ve had separate groups and careers, so coming together on the same team like this has changed the way we communicate, because we’re teammates now.

Because they’re no longer communicating as only friends giving each other advice, it’s changed the dynamic between them. Working together towards the same goal and contributing to the team’s synergy has brought out a new side of their friendship.

We’re not just friends, and we’re not just giving each other advice, but we share the same goal and create team synergy. So that’s something that’s changed with our dynamic.

The best indication of a strong friendship is being able to grow and adapt with each other, which is precisely how Kai and Taemin have remained so close. Rather than putting distance between each other, they’ve strengthened their friendship in new ways they hadn’t expected.

Source: The Ringer