Kai cries after messing up his solo performance at EXO concert

EXO recently held a concert in Seoul, but Kai seemed to be quite disappointed in one of his performances.

During his solo performance, Kai made a small mistake that his fans didn’t even recognize, but it seemed to have upset him.

He wanted to give his fans a perfect stage, but due to the mistake, he said that he felt he messed it all up.

Kai soon started crying out of disappointment, and the other members of EXO quickly rushed up to cheer him up.

Despite the members telling him that it was alright, Kai couldn’t stop crying and hung his head low.

The members continued reassuring him and expressed that they wished they could perform only half as well as Kai did.

According to the other members, Kai practiced until 4 A.M. the morning before the concert, and so he was still quite nervous.

“He wanted to show you the perfect stage, but it looks like he was still a bit nervous.”


Kai’s fans then chanted “You’re amazing” as he cried, hoping to cheer him up as well.

Watch the bittersweet moment below.