Kai Made Memes Come True By Accidentally Misspelling SuperM’s Name

His unfortunate mistake was captured on camera.

One little mistake is killing the entire SuperM fandom with laughter!


When SM Entertainment first unveiled their plans to debut the “ultimate boy group” with SHINee‘s TaeminEXO‘s Baekhyun and KaiNCT and WayV‘s MarkTaeyongLucasTen, fans weren’t thrilled about the group name.


Remove the “u” in “SuperM” and you’re left with…”sperm”. Many fans just couldn’t unsee it, and soon social media was overrun with SuperM/sperm memes like this:


Kai recently brought these memes to life at a SuperM exhibit. While autographing a wall, he left out the “u” in SuperM!


Realizing his mistake, Kai quickly scribbled in the missing “u”, but it was too late.


Fans are having a field day!


Check out the full video here: