Kai Reveals The One EXO MV He Can’t Bear To Watch

It’s been over five years, and he still can’t lay eyes on it.

To promote the release of his solo track “Mmmh”, EXO‘s Kai appeared in an episode of Look Me Up to take a stroll down memory lane. Along the way, he revealed which EXO music video he can’t make himself watch—even over five years later.

| SMEntertainment

At the mention of EXO’s first full-length album XOXO from 2013, Kai admitted that one of the tracks had the group feeling unsure about how fans would receive it. “We weren’t sure if they’d like it,” he laughed.

When Kai mentioned the funny sounds they made on the track, it couldn’t have been any song but “Wolf”. He became embarrassed just imitating it, “We were growling like a wolf, like this.

Kai shared that seven years still wasn’t enough time for him to handle seeing it: “I still can’t watch the music video.

With nearly ten years of experience under their belts, every member is bound to have moments from the past that were embarrassing to look back on. Check out Kai naming one he’s not quite ready to recall.