Kai Thinks Of EXO’s D.O. Whenever He Looks At Mark, Here’s Why

He has a soft spot for them both.

SuperM‘s Kai and Mark have a close friendship that formed long before they’d promoted together, as far back as 2012 when the latter was a trainee.

In a video with Glamour, Kai admitted he felt a special connection with his junior similar to the one he has with his fellow member EXO‘s D.O.

After expressing how Mark is a junior he can learn from and how age doesn’t change their dynamics, Kai realized why he felt so comfortable with him. He stated, “Honestly, every time I look at Mark, he reminds me of my other member, D.O.” Kai then elaborated on how.

From the start, he voiced his affection for him, “I really love D.O.” It caused Kai to think about why D.O. was so precious to him. At the sight of him, Kai realizes how much he actually wants to become like him. D.O. isn’t the only person he feels this way about.

With his head resting on his chin, Kai stated, “Whenever I look at Mark, I get the same feeling.” Although Mark is younger than him, he’s able to see the positive sides of him that Kai could improve in himself.

If Kai gets the same feeling when looking at them, he truly cares deeply for them. The best way to know if someone is important to you is if they make you want to be a better person.

Listen to Kai express his affection and admiration for Mark and D.O. here.