Kang Daniel And BTS Jungkook Blow Away The Competition For Younger Men Women Want To Buy Food For

Kang Daniel was selected as the younger man that women wanted to buy a meal for the most!

Kang Daniel received the most votes on a survey for ranking the younger man who women most want to buy meals for.


Kang Daniel ranked no. 1 with 91,510 votes (48.1%) out of 190,342 votes total.


Kang Daniel was loved by the noonas for his cute visuals that contrasted with his masculine personality and figure back when he was on Produce 101.


With products that he modeled for being sold out completely, he has been producing a “Kang Daniel syndrome” effect on all of his fans.


In second place was BTS’s Jungkook with 88,460 votes (46.5%).


BTS’s Jungkook, who has even been nicknamed “Golden Maknae” for his outstanding skills and maknae position, has a baby face brought out the motherly love in his noona fans when he first debuted.


Now, he has grown into a charming and masculine young man that has been captivating his fans’ hearts once again.


BTS’s V came in third with 3,543 votes (1.9%).


With his bold facial features and husky, masculine voice, V was also known for ranking no. 1 in the most beautiful face of 2017.


Wanna One’s Park Jihoon, SHINee’s Taemin and actor Park Bo Gum also were included in the top ranks of this survey!

Source: Xportsnews