Kang Daniel Names The Idol Actor He Most Looks Up To

Most rookie idol actors would probably agree with his choice!

Kang Daniel is taking on his debut acting role in the upcoming Disney+ K-Drama Rookie Cops. The first two episodes have premiered as of January 26th, 2022.

Daniel as Wi Seung Hyun in Rookie Cops | Disney+

In the drama, Kang Daniel plays Wi Seung Hyun, a freshman starting out at the National Police University in hopes of becoming like his father, the chief of the National Police Agency.

Kang Daniel as Wi Seung Hyun and Chae Soo Bin as Go Eun Gang in Rookie Cops | Disney+

The drama trailers all hint at an intriguing mix of suspense, romance, and comedy that the audience can look forward to. And the variety of tone shifts will challenge the new actor and allow him to show off his skills.

Kang Daniel as Wi Seung Hyun in Rookie Cops | Disney+

In a recent press conference for Rookie Cops, Kang Daniel talked about how he wanted to try something new outside of his familiar idol work, hence taking the opportunity for this drama.

Kang Daniel performing

He even admitted that due to nerves, he made some mistakes at the beginning of filming, but thanks to the support of the experienced actors around him, like his co-star Chae Soo Bin who plays Go Eun Gang in the show, he was able to succeed.

Kang Daniel and Chae Soo Bin

And when asked about what idol actors Kang Daniel looked up to, he acknowledged that there are many talented and successful role models, but he specifically mentioned 2PM‘s Lee Junho.

2PM’s Lee Junho

Kang Daniel saw Junho’s performance in his recent drama, The Red Sleeve, and admired his acting ability. He really enjoyed watching Junho in the drama.

Junho as Yi San in The Red Sleeve | @le2jh/Instagram

And Kang Daniel’s choice is perfectly understandable as Junho has stared in various types of dramas and movies. From Cold Eyes, an action thriller film released in 2013, to his recent romantic historical drama, The Red Sleeve, the experienced idol actor has always shown off his incredible acting skills.

Cold Eyes promotional poster

And hopefully, one day, Kang Daniel can build up an impressive repertoire for his acting as well.