Kang Daniel Receives Praise For His Hosting Skills For “Street Woman Fighter”

He was the perfect fit for the role!

Singer Kang Daniel has proved his abilities as a show host through Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter. He received much praise after the live broadcast of the show finale as well.

Although this was a female dancer survival audition program, Kang Daniel’s role as the MC was not very prominent. But during the “Battle of the Underdogs”, we are able to see the real reason why he was selected for this program. Kang, a former B-boy, was someone who understood the culture well as he experienced dance battles himself. He seemed like the perfect fit for the show as he understood dance battle culture. 

During the live broadcast finale, Kang Daniel was once again experienced in this field. Kang Daniel, who made his debut in the entertainment industry through the project group WANNA ONE, after winning first place on Produce 101 Season 2, seemed rather relaxed as he played the role of host for the finale.

Lastly, it is not an easy task to step down from the spotlight and support the dancers from the sidelines. He was able to maintain his position without being too excessive or insufficient in his role as the host. Because of this, Kang received much praise and applause from viewers as they felt he was the most suitable host for the show.

Netizens continued to praise him through online communities.

  • “He did such a good job.”
  • “He did well for being someone who is not a host veteran and his voice tone was great as well.”
  • “I was surprised at how well he did. He is fit for live broadcasts.”
  • “He did a great job hosting. He didn’t seem nervous at all.”
Source: newsen and theqoo