Kang Daniel Reveals He’s Embarrassed By Fanchants, Fans Are Disappointed

“I seriously don’t know what to think about fanchants…”

Kang Daniel is receiving criticism from his own fans for a remark he made during his fansign event.

He revealed to his fans that he gets embarrassed when hearing fanchants.

“Is this What Are You Up To?’s fanchant? I seriously don’t know what to think about fanchants…How can I say this? Even during my group promotion, I felt like this when I hear them: I get embarrassed.

There was reportedly a pregnant pause before he continued his speech.

You know what I mean?
I get embarrassed and to be honest during the pre-recording, there were a lot of times where I would just laugh at the back. When I decide what kind of pose to make at the back, I just *expression of holding back his laughter* it’s very… yes…

The expression Daniel made when he tried to hold back his laughter. 

Kang Daniel ended by saying that he does not necessarily receive energy from fanchants.

Every time I hear the fanchants, rather than receiving strength,
I think that it’s refreshing to give it other meaning.

Some fans expressed their disappointment towards him upon hearing his words.

His fans are saying how this controversy is made-up but this story was not distorted one bit. He said that he was embarrassed when he heard the fanchants during his group promotions. Am I weird if I feel sad by hearing this? I seriously screamed their fanchants like crazy. It’s seriously a wake up call hearing him say from his own mouth that it makes him embarrassed ㅌㅋㅋ..

– Korean Netizen

Others expressed their support, saying the situation itself could be a misunderstanding.

He’s not laughing at the fans because his values changed. He’s just trying to express that he’s shy. He’s not saying this in a negative way. So I hope that you don’t misunderstand him or get sad ㅜㅜ

– Korean Netizen

What do you think about this controversy?

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