Kang Daniel Reveals How He Was Desperate To Perform Again During Mental Health Hiatus

Kang Daniel used his recovery period to become an even better artist.

In an interview on his return to the stage, star soloist Kang Daniel revealed how much he wanted to get back to performing during his recent mental and physical health hiatus.

Kang Daniel has just released his first mini-album, Cyan, featuring the single “2U”. His previous single, “Touchin’”, was released in late November 2019.

Alongside “Touching”, he promoted the B-side he wrote himself: “Adulthood”, a song about the frustrations of growing up. According to Daniel, “Adulthood” focuses on the lack of responsibilities you have when you’re young and the desire to get away from those new-found burdens when you’re older.

Sometimes, we all crave that deep down. And because of all these burdens and responsibilities that are on you, people just want to run away.

— Kang Daniel

The song’s theme ended up being apt for Kang Daniel. Over time, the difficult side of idol life had worsened his anxiety and his immune system. Partway through planned promotions for “Touchin’” and “Adulthood”, Daniel’s agency, KONNECT Entertainment, revealed that he would be halting all activities to take a mental and physical health hiatus.

Kang Daniel was diagnosed with depression and panic disorder, and he began receiving treatment through therapy and medication. However, despite his condition, he wasn’t thinking about quitting his career during this recovery period.

Instead, the mental health hiatus made Daniel want to perform more than ever. When he watched other idols’ performances, it reminded him of his own skills which he’d worked so hard to attain.

I didn’t think I was gonna feel anything when I saw other idols perform on stage… [but] I felt like I could also be doing that. I also know how to perform, and I know I’m good at it, so I wanted to return as soon as possible.

— Kang Daniel

So, instead of considering giving up idol life for good, Kang Daniel spent his recovery thinking about what his own goals were as a performer and as an artist.

I realized I love this job a lot more than I actually thought… I was taking my time to really think about what I wanted to do. And consciously, I felt like there were things I wanted to do on stage, and I had all these random ideas popping into my head about what I want to be doing on stage and with songwriting.

— Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel said that since he’s the only one who truly knows his own strengths, he took a hands-on role in the production of his new album, Cyan. From the themes to the choreography to the music video, Daniel got involved in all the decisions. Through the Color series, he expressed, he hopes to refine his artistry.

I am happy to release a new album and perform again. I feel like I’m back to the moment of debut. This album is very precious and important, and on the other hand, it also feels like a challenge.

— Kang Daniel

Now Kang Daniel is back and better than ever, the most important thing is that he’s feeling much happier and much more renewed with creativity and passion.

First of all, I want to say that I’m doing well… I had time to really organize my thoughts, and, to be honest, I’ve never felt more alive.

— Kang Daniel

Listen to Kang Daniel’s comeback track here!

Source: MTV