Kang Daniel Shares What He Really Thinks About Being An Ending Fairy

Everyone loves them, right?

Kang Daniel recently appeared on the KBS show Problem Child in House. During one of the episodes, the cast discussed the K-Pop concept of “Ending Fairies.”

Despite showcasing his visuals during these spots, Kang Daniel explained that “Those poses are actually really hard.”

When I first shot one, I didn’t like it. It was so cringey, and I hated it.

— Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel added that it came from not liking how he looked when he was huffing after a performance. It was so hard that he even looked up clips of other idols doing their poses in particular girl groups.

They’re good at making faces, so they’re like pros. Once a song ends, they look for the camera, and when they find it, that’s what they do.

— Kang Daniel

Many of Kang Daniel’s songs have a dark theme to them, and he pointed out that, for these tracks, he usually ends with his back turned to the camera. Yet, when he does the dry rehearsal, he has to look at the camera.

So I just stare at the camera without huffing.

— Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel must be doing something right because, even with his reservations, he was selected as the best ending fairy in K-Pop by fans!

You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: FI