Kang Daniel Reveals The Time He Passed Out, And Woke Up In The Hospital

He had hoses going down his throat, because he got so sick from…

On a recent episode of Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel shared a terrifying story about how a simple burger nearly killed him and had him hospitalized.


When the host asked if Kang Daniel is picky about food, he stated he can’t have seafood.

“I’m actually allergic to seafood, especially the shellfish group.” — Kang Daniel


Kang Daniel seemed sad that he has never been able to try some of Korea’s most popular shellfish dishes, such as “Kanjang Gaejang (간장게장, raw marinated crabs)”.

“So I have never tried lobsters or soy marinated crabs, even though people say they’re so good.” — Kang Daniel


Once, Kang Daniel wanted to taste a shrimp burger so bad that he gave one a try, but he almost died from it.

“I had a shrimp burger and it was so good!” — Kang Daniel


Kang Daniel’s allergic reaction to the shrimp burger was so severe, that he passed out and was taken to the emergency room.

“I started practicing after having the burger, but I felt dizzy. I passed out. I woke up and I was at the emergency room with hoses going down my throat. It got that bad.” — Kang Daniel


Watch Kang Daniel share his terrifying experience with a shrimp burger:

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