Kang Daniel Reveals What “Youth” Means To Him, Leaves Everyone Deep In Thought

Fans are calling Kang Daniel a poet for his profound insight.

For WANNA ONE‘s commercial shoot for the energy drink Vita500, Kang Daniel shared his thoughts on the meaning of “youth”. His response left his fans contemplating youth as well.


In his individual clip, Kang Daniel is asked what he thinks youth is. Kang Daniel thinks for a brief second before answering.


He writes down, “Youth is something that passes by so quickly, but is remembered for a long time. Like WANNA ONE!”


After the clip was released, fans have reacted with love and amusement at Kang Daniel’s thoughtful answer.

Most are commenting they support and encourage Kang Daniel’s youth.


Other members also answered the same question. Ong Seongwoo said, “Youth is a verb, because it doesn’t stay still.”

Hwang Minhyun said, “Youth is moving forward instead of settling down.”


Watch Kang Daniel’s cut:


And the full commercial here:

Source: Dispatch

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