Kang Daniel Surprised Fans By Showing Up At A Fan-organized Event In His Honor

A few lucky people were able to meet the idol!

Fans are always showing their love for their idols and supporting them in any way that they can. While it doesn’t always get acknowledged by their idols, sometimes an idol like Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel shows fans some love and support of their own!


Recently, fans set up a special café event to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Kang Daniel’s idol debut.

The finals of Produce 101 Season 2 were in June 2017, which means it’s been 1 year since Kang Daniel was named as an official member of Wanna One!


Kang Daniel had previously promised that he would attend the event but his hectic schedule had many fans worrying that he wouldn’t be able to make it.


Despite his full schedule, he rushed to the event as soon as he was done working!


Because it was later in the day many fans had already left, but others were lucky and were able to snap a few pictures with the idol.


Since so many fans missed out on his appearance, he posted lots of pictures from the event to show his appreciation and gratitude for their support of his career.


He also posted a short video clip thanking fans too!


After the sweet visit, it’s evident that Kang Daniel really does love Wannables!

Source: Pann Nate (1) and (2)

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