Here’s How The WANNABLE Inside Joke About Yoon Jisung And His Giraffe Got Started

No plushie is safe when Kang Daniel is around.

If there is one iconic Wanna One moment that never gets old, it’s the infamous “giraffe incident”.


Kang Daniel revealed his true mental age when he kidnapped Yoon Jisung‘s precious spirit animal during an episode of Wanna One Go. All Yoon Jisung wanted was to enjoy his relaxing skin mask, but Kang Daniel wasn’t having it.


After twisting the stuffie’s wire limbs, Kang Daniel ran away from Yoon Jisung while holding the giraffe like a baseball bat.


Yoon Jisung ditched his sheet mask and chased Kang Daniel around the room, desperate to save his animal friend!


Other members witnessed his distress, but didn’t intervene because…


…it was too entertaining!


When Yoon Jisung finally got a hold of his giraffe its limbs were twisted like a pretzel.


Park Woojin swooped in out of nowhere to nab the giraffe, but ended up wiping out!


Now that’s karma!


Yoon Jisung gathered up all his giraffes to keep them safe from his hyena-like members, knowing what would happen to them if he didn’t.


In another Wanna One Go episode, many of Yoon Jisung’s animals became prey to Wanna One’s “hunters”, including a flamingo, deer, puppy…


…and yes, his giraffe too!


After witnessing the ordeal, Wannables gifted Yoon Jisung with a brand new giraffe that is identical to his old one.


They also gave Kang Daniel his own giraffe to torment. Aw, how thoughtful!


To see the whole hilarious incident, check out the clip below.

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