Kang Daniel’s Fans Have Generously Donated Over Half A Million Dollars To Charity

They have been donating to charity since 2017.

The total amount of money DANITYs have donated since 2017 is creating a buzz on social media.


Kang Daniel celebrated his birthday on December 10, and just like the past two years, DANITYs once again donated to charity under his name instead of sending him gifts.


In 2017, DANITYs donated 95,156,427 KRW (~79,753 USD). In 2018, they donated 100,305,210 KRW (~84,069 USD). Lastly, in 2019 alone, they donated 484,568,035 KRW (~406,191 USD).

In total, DANITYs have donated a whopping 680,029,672 KRW (~569,907 USD) to charity.

The donations have gone to various organizations that help Pohang earthquake victims, support comfort women, provide briquettes to low income families, and find new homes for stray cats.