Kang Dong Won Reveals The Reason Why He Got Dumped By His Girlfriend

He looks back at the time he got dumped.

A past interview has resurfaced amongst netizens in which actor Kang Dong Won reveals why he got dumped by his girlfriend in college.

The interviewer first asked if he had ever cried because of love, in which the actor revealed he had during his 2nd year in university. He goes on to explain that it’s because he was dumped.

While many may wonder how someone could dump someone like Kang Dong Wo, he explained it was during a time he didn’t know anything about love and relationships. He admitted he was obsessive and would irritate her, and since his girlfriend was from an all-girls high school, she didn’t know how to take it.

He gave examples of the obsessive behavior, saying he would ask why she chose to buy something for herself when she could ask him to buy it instead. He would also text her after classes asking to bring her home.

I would call her and ask, “Should I take you home? Can I bring you home? I’ll bring you home. Tell me to bring you home!”

His girlfriend found it too burdensome, and they ended up breaking up. It seems Kang Dong Won learned from this, though, and he’s able to laugh about it years later!

Source: Pann