Kang Dong Won Was Bullied in High School Because of His Looks

Looks like it’s possible to look too good for your own good.

Actor Kang Dong Won admitted he was bullied in high school because of his good looks.


In an interview with Taiwanese press ET Today, Kang Dong Won recalled to his sophomore year in high school when he lived in a dormitory room with roommates.


Kang Dong Won recounted an instance where his circle of friends purposely excluded him when they went out.

“For about two weeks in my sophomore year, my roommates would disappear at night and I’d be in the dorm room by myself. I suspected they are bullying me and leaving me out on purpose.”


Kang Dong Won explained it turned out his roommates did leave him out on purpose, but not to bully him.

“I found out later that they were going out to meet up girls. I felt so betrayed. They said they didn’t want me to come because if I showed up, the girls would only look at me.” He joked, “Those jerks!”


Source: TV Report