Kang Gary’s Image Has Completely Changed

Kang Gary’s recent photos show how much more relaxed he has been these days.


After going on a short hiatus from social media, Kang Gary surprised many with a change of image with his traveling photos.


His photos show how he’s more carefree now, not even having the pressure to shave his facial hair.


Kang Gary has also been showing off his tattooed arms more often.


Fans were surprised to see Kang Gary look like this on some days…


…And look clean-cut like this on other days!


Many were worried about his whereabouts, but it seems like he’s just enjoying some leisure time!


Now that he’s enjoyed some time as a newlywed Kang Gary will be returning to the music world and performing at the KPOP Sensation 2017 concert with Jessica Jung in Malaysia this September!