Kang Ha Neul’s Manly and Passionate Fan Service Resurfaces in Online Communities

Kang Ha Neul’s fan service comes with a side of surprise and sincerity.

Back in 2015, Kang Ha Neul held a cinema concert for his film, C’est si bon, where he gifted his fans with all sorts of acts and performances.


But there was one particular fan service that drew particular attention, and it was so manly and passionate that photos of it have resurfaced in online communities.


After inviting one fan to the stage, Kang Ha Neul slowly took off his jacket and approached her, who was standing with her back turned toward him.

And as soon as he reached her, he put his jacket around her and gave her the most powerful hug he could give.

What especially stood out was the way he held the fan’s head tight in his hands.

Fans who encountered this post responded with comments of envy such as “That fan is so lucky” and “I wish I could be hugged by him“.

Source: Insight