Kang Ha Neul Turns down Fans’ Photo Requests in a Never-Before-Seen Way

You’ve probably never seen a more apologetic celebrity.

Kang Ha Neul is currently a hot topic of conversation in online communities due to how he turns down fans when they ask to take a photo with him.

In particular, Kang Ha Neul was captured at a screening event where a fan asked if they could take a photo with him.

But he was unable to accept the fan’s request at the time, so he put his two hands together to express his regret.

He apologized so sincerely that the fan probably felt even more sorry as a result. And Kang Ha Neul’s apologetic feelings are clearly conveyed in a photo taken by another fan.

Kang Ha Neul is now famous for being an “apology fairy” that always puts his hands together when he comes across a situation where he has no choice but to turn down a fan.

Kang Ha Neul must truly be an angel.

Source: Insight