Kang Ha Neul Revealed to Be a Model Son Who Even Helped out His Parents at Their Restaurant During Military Leave

Can he be any more perfect?

On the most recent broadcast of SBS’s Access Showbiz Tonight, Kang Ha Neul was revealed to be a model son who even helped out his parents at their restaurant during his military leave.

During the interview commemorating the completion of his military service, the reporter made Kang Ha Neul feel shy by mentioning that he was captured helping out his parents even during his military leave.


In May of last year, Kang Ha Neul was photographed working at his father’s chopped noodle restaurant.

And ahead of this good deed, Kang Ha Neul posted, “I’m planning to give my parents a good present for Parents’ Day” on his social media account.


When fans spotted Kang Ha Neul at the restaurant, they took photos and shared them in online communities with captions such as, “I spotted Kang Ha Neul.

When the reporter brought up this moving tale, Kang Ha Neul showed his modesty by stating, “How am I a model son for doing that? I was just helping out my father.

In response to being called a proper man, Kang Ha Neul protested by making slouching his body in efforts to less proper and made everyone burst into laughter.

Watch the full interview below:

Source: Dispatch