Kang Ha Neul Once Revealed That He Learned A Valuable Life Lesson After Getting “Hit” By His Teacher

Kang Ha Neul was quite the student.

Actor Kang Ha Neul was quite the mischievous student but eventually changed for the better due to one of his teachers. On an episode of Life Bar, he shared a valuable lesson he learned from one of his favorite teachers.

The teacher was his homeroom teacher during middle school.

When it was time to turn in his homework for one of his classes, Kang Ha Neul decided to show his playful personality, as he wanted to get a laugh from his classmates.

Kang Ha Neul got the reactions he wanted from his classmates, but his teacher didn’t find it amusing.

Kang Ha Neul’s homeroom teacher soon confronted him about the issue.

Kang Ha Neul’s homeroom teacher ended up disciplining him, but Kang Ha Neul still chose to be a little playful during this situation.

During the time that Kang Ha Neul was receiving his hits, he started to reminisce about all the lessons he learned from his homeroom teacher.

Kang Ha Neul then realized that he was being rude and that his arrogant personality was not one to be admired.

He soon began to realize that his personality of always being arrogant wasn’t going to help him in his life.


Here is the full video below!