Kang Ha Neul’s Old Baby Photos Prove He Really Hasn’t Changed One Bit

No matter what size, Kang Ha Neul always had the same face.

With the success of his recent drama, When the Camellia Blooms, Kang Ha Neul‘s old baby photos have been circulating in online communities.

The handsome actor evidently hasn’t changed one bit since he was a baby, and it’s enough to make all fans squeal.

Kang Ha Neul had all the same features but in a smaller form.

The way his facial features stood out even at a young age is making fans think he must have been quite popular with the ladies.

No matter his size, Kang Ha Neul’s charming features could not be concealed.

Check out some more photos of Kang Ha Neul as a child below:

Source: Insight