Kang Ha Neul was insulted on TV, here’s how he responded

Kang Ha Neul smoothly handled negative comments about his visuals, demonstrating his bright and optimistic personality.

During the February 17 episode of Radio Star, actor Kang Ha Neul impressed the MCs when they dissed the size of his face. In Korea, having a small face is perhaps one of the most coveted facial features.

MC Yoon Jong Shin remarked, “You’re an actor but you have quite a large face,” to which Kang Ha Neul responded in a surprising way. Known for being a legendary MC, Yoon Jong Shin is used to teasing guests, and he tried to push Kang Ha Neul over the edge by acting like a hater. But rather than responding negatively, Kang Ha Neul responded in a way that made light of the situation.

“Personally, I take pride in my large face. Even in my college entrance interview, I said that my large face was my strongest feature. The reason why I think this is because my parents can easily find me on stage.”

– Kang Ha Neul

Kang Ha Neul is known for his innocent personality.

My attack has failed.” — Yoon Jong Shin

Good thing Kang Ha Neul has such a good sense of humor! If he wasn’t as mild-mannered, this is how he might have responded:

Source: Dispatch