Kang So Ra Is Officially the Queen of Taking Super Realistic Photos

Her mom took them.

Actress Kang So Ra recently traveled through European destinations such as Switzerland, Florence, and Luzern with her mother and the photos she shared of her trip is gaining overwhelming attention.

The shared photos show Kang So Ra striking various photos while looking beautiful with no makeup on her face.

But what’s drawing particular notice is the easygoing charm she gives off through her very realistic photos.


In one particular, photo she can be seen yawning, and the relatable caption reads, “Mom, I’m tired. Enough with the photos.

In response to the realistic photos, fans are leaving positive comments such as “She’s so cute“, “It actually looks like her mom took the photos“, and “These are real shots with absolutely no pretense“.

Check out some more realistic shots of Queen Kang So Ra below:

Source: Dispatch