Kang Sora and EXO’s Suho Show Fans How Alike They Really Look

People often say that actress Kang Sora and EXO‘s Suho look a lot alike, so the two finally decided to put talk to rest by striking a couple of poses next to one another.

A few days ago, Sora updated her personal Instagram account with a few photos with Suho. It was taken during their music video shoot for SM STATION’s “Curtain”. They decided to pose for a couple of shots and mimic each other’s poses.

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The photos were taken from the shoot of Suho’s collaboration with pianist Song Young Joo for SM STATION. The full music video starring Kang Sora was released on February 2. Kang Sora is well known for her roles in dramas such as Doctor Stranger and appearing on We Got Married with Super Junior‘s Leeteuk.