Kang Sora Reveals Her Secret 4 Rules In Losing 53lbs In A Healthy Way

Kang Sora revealed her healthy dieting plan to achieve the ideal body type instead of starving!

1. Move As Much As You Can!

For those who gain a lot of muscles quickly from lifting weights like Kang Sora, she recommends ballet or Pilates.

These exercises combine cardio as well as weight training which is perfect for sculpting that S-line body!

2. Do Not Skip A Meal In A Day

Eat all breakfast lunch and dinner with at least 100g of carbs.

Kang Sora usually eats yogurt and fruits for breakfast. For lunch, she eats half a bowl of rice and some vegetables. She eats pumpkin soup for snacking time and her dinner consists of a sweet potato and steamed cabbage.

3. If You Can’t Resist Bread, Make A “Bread Day”

Don’t be so stressed by limiting your dieting plan but choose one cheat day to enjoy your favorite dish.

Sora loves bread and pastries so much she added a bread day into her dieting plan.

4. Do NOT Eat Later Than 6PM

This is a rule that you must keep if you are wanting to diet properly.  

It is not only bad for losing weight, but is just really bad for your health!

Source: 1boon