Kangnam Got His Abs Back Following A Dramatic Weight Loss

Now THAT’s a transformation!

Kangnam recently shared a new selfie of himself along with the caption, “I’d better not gain weight again. I’m having fun making abs after losing 15 kilograms.

The shared photo shows Kangnam’s body before and after his diet, and the difference is shocking.

Just 3 months ago, Kangnam had a bit of a fuller stomach, but he now has a slimmer face and abs to go along with it.

Back in May, Kangnam confessed, “I gained 18 kilograms in just 6 months. I’m going to start dieting today. I’d better make sure I don’t gain it back this time.

And not only did he keep his promise, but he’s blessing everyone’s eyes with abs on top of it all.

Kangnam’s results are impressive, but here’s hoping he’s dieting and keeping the weight off in a healthy way!

Source: Insight
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