Kangnam Reveals His Korean Name and Explains Why He Decided to Become a Korean Citizen

Kangnam is all set to become a naturalized citizen of Korea.

On a recent episode of SBS’s Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny, Kangnam explained his recent decision to become a naturalized citizen of Korea.

Kangnam shared, “My marriage with Sang Hwa is what drove me to do it right now. But aside from that, my mother is Korean and I’ve lived here a long time.

He continued, “I grew up eating kimchi and I had decided on this for a long time. My father was easygoing about it as he gave me permission as well.

Kangnam also revealed that he finished the documentation process and that all he has left to do is apply.

When Seo Jang Hoon remarked “I heard your mother’s surname is Kwon, meaning your Korean name would become Kwon Kangnam“, Kangnam expressed his satisfaction with the name as he confirmed, “Many people know me as Kangnam and it’s a given that I should take my mother’s surname.

Source: Insight