Kangnam Swears to Start Dieting Following Rapid Weight Gain in the Span of Just 6 Months

His friend claims that the weight gain happened once he started dating speed skater, Lee Sang Hwa.

Kangnam recently posted a before and after photo of himself on his Instagram account along with the caption, “There was a time when I looked like this… I gained 18 kilograms in just 6 months. I’m going to start dieting starting today!

Not many people noticed his weight gain when he appeared on TV, but after he revealed it himself, netizens are realizing a substantial difference between what he looked like before and after around 6 months ago. 


Kangnam also shared his determination by adding, “I’ll work hard so that I don’t gain it back this time. To those who are dieting as well, let’s do this together.

In an April episode of Let’s Eat Dinner Together, Tae Jin Ah revealed that the reason behind Kangnam’s recent weight gain is that he started dating.

The fellow star and friend of Kangnam’s shared, “He’s borrowing all my clothes these days. Don’t they fit well?” He then added, “He’s been eating so much with Lee Sang Hwa these days that he gained a lot of weight.

In response, Kangnam showed his surprise and asked, “Didn’t we agree that you wouldn’t say that on TV?

Many Koreans say that dating naturally leads to happy weight gain, and it appears that the same happened to Kangnam, but if he’s determined to start managing his weight again despite still looking handsome, all power to him!

Source: Dispatch