A Man Kangnam Randomly Met on a Subway 5 Years Ago MC’d at His Wedding

They became best friends after their random encounter on the subway.

MBC’s Section TV gave viewers an inside look at Kangnam and Sanghwa‘s recent wedding, and the man who MC’d the second part of the ceremony drew particular attention.

The man that MC’d the wedding was none other than Choi Seung Ri, whom Kangnam randomly met on a subway during the filming of an I Live Alone episode.

On the show, which aired 5 years ago, Kangnam and Choi Seung Ri coincidentally sat next to each other on the subway and became close friends afterward.

Following the random encounter, the two maintained their close friendship to the point of Choi Seung Ri even MCing at Kangnam and Sanghwa’s wedding.

After finding out about the behind story of Kangnam’s MC, fans responded with surprise through comments such as “Wow, Kangnam is so loyal“, “Kangnam seems to be a really good person“, and “It’s not easy for a celebrity to get close to an average person like that“.

Check out their subway encounter below:

Source: Insight