Kangnam Under Fire For Saying He Could Beat 9MUSES Kyungri To Death

Kangnam is receiving criticism for claiming multiple times that he would physically beat 9Muses’ Kyungri.

During an interview, Kyungri was jokingly teasing Kangnam about his accent when Kangnam first mentioned about hitting her.

“Can I hit her? I can’t, right?”

— Kangnam

He took it further when they were denying any romance in their friendship.

“If you ask me to beat her up until she dies, I can do it.”

— Kangnam

Kyungri was totally taken back by his comment, but he laughed it off.

He was later seen making the same violent comment while working at the cafe in Italy.

While talking about how Kyungri didn’t save his number, he said he’ll hit her back in Korea.

“I’m going to hit you one day when we’re in Korea.”

— Kangnam

When Kyungri asks if he’s a man who hits girls, Kangnam replied with a surprising answer.

“You can’t discriminate between male and female these days.”

— Kangnam

Although Kangnam may have been joking, netizens were shocked at how casually he can mention beating up a woman.