KARA Members Reunite To Celebrate Their 14th Anniversary

Congratulations to one of the classics!

KARA recently celebrated their 14th anniversary together! KARA debuted all the way back in 2007 and sadly disbanded in 2016; however, they all still keep in touch.

Today, KARA’s leader Gyuri shared the photos from their celebration on her Instagram.

The caption reads: “A few days ago, we gathered to celebrate the 14th anniversary of KARA’s debut. A time that meant more to us as time went by. Thank you, Jiyoung, for preparing flowers and a cake as a surprise gift!” In the photo, Gyuri, SeungyeonNicole, and Jiyoung pose in front of a cake with the number “14” in candles on the top.

| DSP Media

One netizen commented, “How nice would it have been if Hara was there,” referring to the late KARA member who passed away in November of 2019. Gyuri responded by saying, “Let’s just pretend that Hara was not able to come because it’s against pandemic guidelines for more than 4 people to gather.”

| DSP Media

All of the members, including some other singers not in the group, congratulated the girls in the comments.

Congratulations to KARA on 14 years; wow!