KARD admits they were embarrassed to perform these dance moves

The up and coming rookies revealed some embarrassing moments while preparing for their comeback.

K.A.R.D confessed that they felt embarrassed while practicing for their new song. For their debut song, “Oh Na Na”, the choreography involved members Jiwoo and Somin twerking in front of the other members.

The girls admitted they felt embarrassed when they had to practice the moves in front of their male members. In a recent interview, they also claimed that dancing provocatively in a co-ed group made them feel awkward.

Take a look at twerking move below.

Being in a co-ed group was awkward for them at first but they have finally grown accustomed to dancing with each other.

K.A.R.D. has been slaying with their most recent track, “Don’t Recall”, that was released early this year. Luckily for the girls, the choreography doesn’t involve as much twerking.

Check out their choreography to “Oh Na Na” below!