KARD’s BM Accidentally Revealed His Hotel Room Number During A Livestream

When he realized what he had done, he had one request from fans:

A few weeks ago, KARD traveled to Germany for the K-Pop Big 5 concert. While they dazzled on stage, fans also got to see a little bit of what it was like there and got to interact with BM during one livestream.


But the livestream took an unexpected turn about 15 minutes in. When BM wanted a drink of water, he called down to room service in the hopes they could bring one up.


While they certainly could, they just needed to know his room number and that’s when things started to go wrong for BM! First, BM tried to stall for time so he could figure out a way for fans not to hear it.

Room number…Hold on real quick! I’m doing a livestream right now so I have to put my thing on mute…

— BM


When he finally thought he’d found his solution, he accidentally chose the voice only option on the broadcast which meant that everyone heard his room number after all!


As soon as BM hung up with room service, he switched the video back on and began scolding himself for his mistake…

I am so stupid. I just let all you guys know my room number. I thought I was going to turn off the voice but I put on voice only! Wow, I am so stupid.

— BM


Before making a special request from fans!

Please don’t send weird stuff to my room. Don’t come like ding-dong ditching my room, alright.

— BM


Thankfully, nobody tried to ding-dong ditch his room or send him anything weird but poor BM will probably start ordering room service before he goes live now! You can check out BM’s accidental reveal around the 14-minute and 40-second mark in the video below: