KARD’s BM Proved He’s A True BLINK With His Freestyle Version Of BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love”

We need a longer version of his dance!

After seeing KARD‘s BM dance his heart out to BLACKPINK‘s “Kill This Love”, BLINKs are officially welcoming him into the fandom!


A few days ago Mnet uploaded a minute-long teaser for their dance channel Studio Choom where BM danced along to BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love”!


The teaser showcased BM’s strong freestyle dance skills…


And even though he didn’t dance BLACKPINK’s original choreography, BLINKs are loving BM’s version.


Additionally, BM also uploaded some behind the scenes clips from the dance cover to his Instagram page, making fans fall even further in love with him!



After seeing how much he enjoyed dancing along to BLACKPINK’s song, BLINKs quickly voiced their approval of BM and couldn’t wait to officially welcome him into the fandom!


BM also gave a short preview of a freestyle cover for Chris Brown’s “Rock Your Body” in the teaser clip, which has since been upgraded to a full version!


Now we seriously need the full version of his BLACKPINK freestyle! Check out the full teaser of it below!

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