KARD’s BM, Corbyn, And LXX Get Real About Idols’ Facial Hair

“I feel so weird about it.”

On December 11, GET REAL posted a “guy talk” episode on Dive Studios discussing various topics such as love, toxic masculinity, and work. This episode consisted of the two usual hosts, KARD‘s BM and Ashley Choi, as well as two guests, Corbyn and LXX from the company 28Laboratory. All of which are either idols or have previously been idols (BM = KARD, Ashley = Ladies’ Code, Corbyn = 24K, LXX = HIGH4) that discuss their experiences. While discussing many things in this episode, they addressed something that not many idols do, facial hair.

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Ashley begins by asking the boys at what age they started growing facial hair. Corbyn responds “Mine started going crazy around freshman year [of high school]. Before, when I used to be in K-Pop there was this demand to have flawless skin. I never really had a problem with my skin, but they were always on my sh*t about my 5 o’clock shadow.

Corbyn went on to say that the staff would often complain because his beard grew in so fast and so dark that they couldn’t even put makeup over it. So they suggested that he got it lasered off.

This was the deal though, my concern was that it would never come back, but they said ‘no, no, it’ll come back, don’t worry’. It’s been f**king forever since I’ve done this sh*t and I still have nothing coming back. So I feel weird about it.


He said that since he has thick follicles, it was extremely painful.

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BM then confessed that it was hard to keep up with his own face. He’s thought about getting laser removal (because he likes the clean-shaven look) but is afraid that he might want a beard in the future. LXX had the same issue.

The boys then talked about how awful it feels to shave because it hurts around their upper lip and under their chin. BM said that it takes forever because he has to shave very lightly so that he won’t cut his face for the stage.

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Corbyn included Ashley by asking what she does. She laughed and said, “I get mine waxed.” BM wants to but is afraid of the pain.

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LXX ended with a statement that many male idols probably relate to.

At one point I was like, ‘you know what? I don’t care.’ Like, you know what? I got a beard. Surprise.


You can watch the full episode below!

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