KARD BM’s Friend Spills On How Popular He Was With Girls In High School

She revealed why BM had so many female friends.

After seeing an idol debut, there’s sometimes accounts of how they used to be before becoming a performer. In episode sixteen of the podcast GET REAL, KARD‘s BM, BTOB‘s Peniel, and former Ladies’ Code member Ashley Choi had a special guest.

The guest that spilled the tea on how popular BM used to be with girls during their time in high school.

YouTuber Joan Kim joined the hosts for a conversation on friendships between individuals of the opposite sex. That’s when she mentioned that most of BM’s friends back in high school were of one gender in particular, “Actually, Matt only had girl friends and, like, three other guy friends.

BM didn’t deny it and confirmed that he was close with many female friends, “I was tight with a lot of girls.” It was more than you’d expect, though.

Whenever Joan spotted BM, he was surrounded by girls: “Every time I saw him on campus…just always with a group of girls.” She also shared another reason why BM had so many girl friends.

During BM’s high school days, he was part of a program that was female-dominated: “But, that’s also because you were in Hip-Hop dance team. And a lot of them were girls.

Joan revealed that was part of the reason he was so popular among them, “He was really popular with the girls.” Before anyone could take it out of context, she wanted to clarify one part.

BM hadn’t been breaking any hearts, “He wasn’t dating any of them. But, he was just really chill.

Joan then shared why their female friends had gravitated toward BM. “With our group of friends, I remember my girlfriends would be like, ‘Why can’t all guys be like Matt?’

BM was the sweet guy that would be there for his female friends when they need a shoulder to cry on or someone they needed to vent to: “He was really nice. He would always hug you and listen.

No matter what gender, everyone could use a friend like BM. In fact, some of them may have wanted more.

When Ashley mentioned that many of his female friends probably had crushes on him, Joan quickly agreed, “Oh, no. For sure.

Seeing how much BM has grown up and is coming into himself as an idol, some of his friends probably would’ve wished they had confessed back then.

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See Joan Kim spill all of the tea on how crush-worthy BM was during his high school days and how he was always surrounded by girls.