KARD’s BM Names Official Members Of The “Big Tittie Committee”

We love this friendship, or this committee, rather!

KARD‘s BM made a guest appearance on Eric Nam‘s K-Pop Daebak Show. He was asked about a lot of things, but more importantly, Eric Nam asked him about the “Big Tittie Committee” movement he leads.

BM shared that this started because of a fan who asked him which parts of his body he works out the most. He admitted that he answered the question honestly and without thought, and said that he works his back or his chest the most because he needs to keep them big.

I was just like either my back or my chest, cause a man’s gotta keep his titties big.

He added that when he woke up the next day, his Twitter was blowing him up with notifications about his statement regarding man titties, where all he saw in his timeline were the words “big man tittie,” “big tittie committee,” and “he’s the tittie guy.”

People know me more for that than they do for BM from KARD.

BM also shared that this experience is crazy, because it isn’t only the fans who tease him about the tittie joke, but there are artists who come up to him and say “Yo, tittie!”

Eric Nam proceeds to ask him the question everybody has been dying to ask! He asked BM who else was part of the committee, and BM gave answers to the biggest question on everyone’s mind!

BM firstly mentions Hongseok from Pentagon.

If I’m the president, then he’s the secretary. You got to look at his titties. He has big titties right now.

They’ve posted photos of them working out together!

Eric Nam laughed hysterically at BM’s additional comment and asked for two more members.

BM mentions Mingyu from SEVENTEEN, and comments that “He has a nice pair.” The PD even choked on her water after his comment, and BM just encouraged her to go check them out if she has time to!

He was even spotted looking genuinely amazed with Mingyu’s titties last year when they performed for the same music festival!

The last member of the tittie committee is Baekho from NU’EST. BM shared that he just admires their titties from afar and makes him feel motivated to work harder on making his titties bigger!

He even invited Eric Nam to join in on the Big Tittie Committee, but he declined because he didn’t wanna die, and honestly, that’s so relatable!

Watch the full interview here: