KARD’s BM Went Straight For SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s “Man Tiddies” By Way Of Greeting And Fans Loved It

A little pec appreciation from these two friends!

For KARD‘s BM, there is one thing he thinks that a man must keep up and that’s his pecs! In fact, BM’s pec know-how even has fans dubbing him the “man tittie expert” especially since he isn’t shy about exposing the idols with the biggest pecs in the industry!


And it looks like his pec expertise definitely took hold when he saw SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu at the 2019 Dream Concert! During the ending stage when all of the performers came up on stage together, fans quickly noticed BM’s excited way of greeting Mingyu.


As soon as BM saw him, he rushed over to him seemingly out of nowhere while reaching out his hand…


And going straight for Mingyu’s chest!


His actions caused Mingyu to burst out laughing…


Before the two of them actually greeted each other with a hello!


Although there were plenty of amazing moments from the concert, fans couldn’t help loving this particular interaction and it’s easy to see why!