KARD’s BM Shares He Knows A Girl Is Flirting With Him When They Give Him “Googly Eyes”

Have you given “googly eyes” to someone before?

On episode 44 of Get Real, KARD‘s BM, BTOB‘s Peniel, Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley Choi, and guest pH-1 talk about flirting and how to know when someone is flirting with you.

| DIVE Studios Podcasts/YouTube

Flirting varies from person to person, but BM admits one way he knows for sure a girl is flirting with him is if they give him “googly eyes.”

BM explains that the “googly eyes” usually occurs when a conversation is going well, and it typically comes with a smile.

He also hilariously recalled the time he and Ashley went clubbing together, admitting that “there were a lot of googly eyes at the club.” Peniel and Ashley tried to recreate said googly eyes, but were not quite successful. You can watch the whole podcast episode below!

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