KARD’s BM Gives A Shoutout To IZ*ONE For Their Heartwarming Action

BM also gave a simple message at the end.

KARD recently sat down for an interview with Access, and during the interview, BM gave a special shoutout to IZ*ONE.

During the interview, the members were asked about their experience at KCON:TACT. The members shared that it was a unique experience, but they had a lot of fun since they were able to see their fans watching their performance despite it being an online concert.


BM then gave a shoutout to IZ*ONE.


BM shared that when KARD was performing their last song, “Oh NaNa”, the IZ*ONE members were behind the stage on standby.


The KARD members saw IZ*ONE dancing along to their song and enjoying the performance. The KARD members were extremely thankful to the IZ*ONE members for this, and it gave them a lot of energy.

BM concluded by giving a simple message to the viewers.

Stan IZ*ONE!


IZ*ONE’s Sakura

Here’s the full video below!