KARD’s BM Speaks Out In Solidarity With Palestine And Colombia

He used his platform to bring awareness.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

KARD‘s BM recently held a live broadcast in which he caught up with fans. He updated about his solo project, but also interacted with viewers, answering questions as he read comments.


Since it had been a while since he last did a live broadcast, he told viewers that he hoped they were all doing well. He also acknowledged that some are going through difficult situations in their home countries.

I’ve been seeing a lot of news about Colombia and Mexico about the government problems and whatnot. I hope everyone out there is staying safe … When you protest, please, be safe … It’s not worth getting hurt. I really hope everyone stays safe … safety before everything, health before everything.

— BM

Colombian citizens have been protesting because the government wants to pass a 20% tax bill, including on essential services, on the middle class and the poor. Citizens have been being attacked, kidnapped, detained, and killed because of government materialized police.


As he was reading fans’ comments, he noticed someone mention Palestine. Currently, Palestine is suffering attacks from the Israeli government’s military. Gaza is continuing to be bombed, homes are being invaded, and mosques are being attacked. Many innocent people, including children, have lost their lives. BM sent prayers to Palestine and encouraged others to do the same.


We stand king / i don’t really care about if u unfollow me bc I support Palestine#bm #kard #bigmattheww #somin #jiwoo #jseph #freepalestine #kpop

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Fans have been appreciative of BM for using his platform to bring awareness to these issues. When he noticed viewers commenting, thanking him for speaking out in solidarity, he explained some of the reasons why it’s important to him. He said, “No problem. You know I love you guys.” 

I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for the fans. It’s a God-given gift … to be where I am, to be receiving the love that I’ve been receiving. It’s a God-given gift. You guys are a God-given gift.

— BM

Source: KARD