KARD Is Already A Hit Overseas And They Haven’t Even Officially Debuted Yet

DSP Entertainment’s K.A.R.D is already so popular and they haven’t even debuted yet.

K.A.R.D is DSP’s first ever co-ed group and 1 of the few to become successful in the K-pop industry.

Their official debut has finally been scheduled for release on July 19.

However, they have already released 3 singles and become immensely popular, especially overseas.

They are so popular in fact that they have already held a US tour. 

The stops not only included 3 North American cities but also stops in Canada and South America.

The group has also confirmed they will be going on a European tour, which will be happening in September.

Many fans, both international and Korean, are eagerly anticipating the release of their debut album.

With the success of their pre-debut singles, there is no doubt that they will do well when they actually debut.



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