This Is Why KARD Members Are So Upset About J.Seph’s Upcoming Enlistment

The group won’t be the same without him

KARD just released their new music video, “Red Moon”, the title track on their 4th mini album of the same name.  And while, like many of their songs, the release has been been popular among international fans, it hasn’t really gained much traction in South Korea.

It’s no surprise that they’re doing well in Latin America especially — they’ve toured there several times, and are known to have a very strong fanbase in South America.  And in their new song, they clearly know where their main audience is, as shown by their use of the Spanish language in their lyrics.

But what will it take for them to finally break into the Korean charts?

One thing that they hope will help will be more promotions in South Korea, as compared to when they were touring overseas during their “Dumb Litty” era.

We think that if we want to receive more attention and love in Korea, we need to do more Korean promotions. We’ve been receiving a lot of love from overseas and going abroad a lot because we’re invited there, and so in the future we need to promote a bit more in Korea.

— Jiwoo

While BM is only a few months younger than J.Seph, since he was born in the U.S., he’s not required to enlist in the military. J.Seph, however, who was born in 1992, is going to need to be enlisting soon — which may make this goal even harder for the group to reach in the near future.

J.Seph gave his permission to the group to continue to work on promotions even while he’s enlisted, though they expressed that they wouldn’t be the same without him.

Actually I can’t imagine the day without [J.Seph]. So I’m focusing on the present without thinking about it.

— Somin

There is no one that can replace J.Seph.

— Jiwoo

They hope, instead, that Red Moon will be the album that helps them start to get more recognition in Korea.

 Whenever we release an album, I want a lot of people to say that KARD is in a league of our own. I’d like them to say that KARD has our own unique mature charming quality and unique sexiness and charisma.

— Somin

BM, Somin, and Jiwoo might have to make it on their own for a while during J.Seph’s enlistment, but hopefully, their passion and hard work will finally give them the recognition they deserve in South Korea!