The Biggest Drawback Of Being In A Co-Ed Group, According To KARD’s Somin

They make it look easy, but it’s far from a walk in the park.

While being one of K-Pop’s few co-ed groups sets KARD apart, it also comes with challenges.


In addition to causing a few embarrassing moments, Somin revealed a major drawback they often have to overcome with male and female members.

Somin | @somin_jeon0822/Instagram

During the group’s appearance on Eric Nam‘s Daebak Show, Jiwoo explained that one of their strengths as a co-ed group was their ability to show various sides of themselves. Each member has such a unique personality that they’re powerful when combined.

When Eric Nam asked the group about drawbacks, J.seph made him laugh by saying there was “a lot.” Yet, Somin thought of one particular obstacle.

As Jiwoo agreed, Somin admitted that matching BM and J.seph’s energy was tough because they put more power into their dance moves.

It’s hard for us to keep up with the male members because they’re full of energy. I need to use more energy, so it’s hard to deal with that. It could be a disadvantage.

— Somin

Although KARD makes it look easy to dance as a unit, it’s more complex than it seems.