KARD’s BM “Corrupted” Somin By Making Her Repeatedly Say A Sexual Phrase

He made her repeat it multiple times.

Fans claim KARD‘s BM “corrupted” his younger member, Somin, by teaching her how to say “men needs big man titties”!

During his Instagram Live, he was sitting in a car with Somin when he began teaching her the phrase.

“Somin, do you know man titties? Man titties is a man’s chest muscles. It’s called man titties. Man needs big man titties, right? It means men need to consistently work out their chest muscles.”

— BM

BM then asked her to repeat after him. He got a big laugh as Somin struggled through it but eventually said the phrase correctly!

Fans went crazy after this particular interaction as they loved how BM was the goofy older brother who would play tricks on his younger sister!

But with “big man titties” like BM’s, it may just be a good rule to live by!

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Somin also got BM back that night as he mistook a compliment towards Somin as his!

Will the Bmin duo ever seize in cracking us up?! Let’s hope not!