Katy Perry Truly Impresses Her Korean Fans By Going Out Of Her Way To Experience Their Culture

She showed some major love and respect for her Korean fans.

Katy Perry just had her first ever performance in South Korea. While there, she blew fans away with her outstanding fan service and her dedication to learning about Korean culture.


From the moment she announced her tour, she showed some major love for her international fans.

She posted a video clip promoting her concert and included a “hello” in Korean.


And when she arrived she immediately took the time to greet fans and give some autographs.

Some fans even said she tried speaking to them in Korean!


But Katy also shared some appreciation of the culture. During her opening performance, she wore a traditional Korean cap called an Ayam.

This was made even more special because the Ayam was a gift from a Korean fan.


Katy also proved to be the queen of fanservice when she invited two fans onto the stage with her.


She even took some pictures with them during the show!


Then she showed some amazing love for her fans by giving them finger hearts!


She even got the dancers in on the action!


And she further showed her love by performing a special version of “Into Me You See” that was not on the cue sheet.


Katy definitely took the time to learn about Korea before coming. She showed her respect to her fans by bowing deeply at the end of her performance.

Most western artists place both hands together in greeting because they believe that most Koreans have a Buddhist culture.


Katy even apologized that it took her so long to visit them.

“I can’t believe that it took me 10 years to come to Seoul. I am sorry to have kept you waiting for so long.” — Katy Perry


And she expressed her deep appreciation for her fans.

“I am very happy to meet you all and experience the beautiful culture of Korea. I will cherish these memories forever.” — Katy Perry


But Katy didn’t stop learning about Korean culture after her performance. The following day she spent some time researching Korean history.


She even to took the time to visit and learn more about the JSA, DMZ, and War Memorial Hall.

She also visited a U.S. military base while there.


Then she took in some more of Korea’s unique culture by visiting a dog café.


And she ate a delicious meal at a Korean restaurant.


With her dedication to learning more about Korean culture, fans can’t help but love her!

Source: Dispatch